This is where we begin


May 26, 2017.

Roaming Rad-ish breathes! It is strange, the first blog post.
Am I writing to nobody? Is it just myself in this space? Of course not! As a new blogger, I can happily say that the first lesson is the beautiful fact that these words stick. They are here to revisit time and again. Our words can be as lasting as we choose, and they will be found over and over again.
Lasting for new friends who find their way to this space, and here for my own future self. Who knows where the path leads from this moment? Things change so easily and swiftly in this life, just as the changing tide shifts the sands of the shore every moment.
Exciting, isn’t it?!



Perhaps I should introduce myself…


My name is Caroline Sandmeier, and I live on the sunny shores of Florida’s east coast. I’m newly wed to the love of my life and number one cheerleader. We have a family of 4, which means we have 2 perfect dogs. Surfing and creating are my passions. Florida may not be known for its world-class waves, but we produce some world class surfers (Hello, K. Slater and the Hobgoods? Just to name a few).

I’m just trying to find what everyone, I believe, is seeking.

What fulfills me?
How do I center my life around it?
And what in the heck do people who don’t surf do to be happy?

In every point of life, I’m looking to grow. Times of transition are often intimidating, but always exciting. How do we grow and maintain us?

For me, that means maintaining the ocean connection that I’ve identified with my entire life. We are all fish at heart (seriously, read Your Inner Fish by Neil Shubin if you’re hazy on where we come from). I mean, we even have gill slits in utero! How rad is that?! There’s a reason the water has an almost magical way grounding us. That inner-connectivity we find with the world around us can be discovered just on a small shore. It can make your heart swell, and inspire you even to the point of simply gripping on to the person you truly are in your most raw form.

This blog is for sharing (that’s the point right?). It’s also my goal to grow with this whole experience. Right now, I find myself searching for my true home. I find myself struggling to manage my time in a way that allows me to truly be happy. I find myself just wanting to paint more. To explore and go to every surf spot I’ve ever dreamed of growing up (California-check. Hawaii-check.) It’s invigorating to just be alive, and we have every single day we’re breathing to engorge our souls on the richness of our world. The best part is that it’s in the simple things that make that possible. Everywhere. All around us.

John (my other half) and I are at a point of seeking. Aren’t we all? We’re looking for a home that is our own. Moving, adventuring, figuring out what to do with the rest of our lives. I don’t think we’ll ever find one thing. I don’t think that’s human nature. But we have a few ideas, goals, and a lot of adventure ahead while we’re seeking. Life shouldn’t be going to school, getting married, settling down, and sitting in a recliner the rest of your life hoping retirement will come along the way. It’s filling your life up. It’s not complicated. It’s right there for us. We hold ourselves accountable for our experiences and the knowledge we gain, and Roaming Rad-ish is how I intend to do that for myself. For any friends that stumble their way here, may they take something from my experience to lend to their own. Altogether now!

Stay Salty,

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